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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 1, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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this potential of passover, black rock road, near falls road, twine mt. carmel and butler road. these neighborhoods, that's where we're seeing the most dangerous part. it's an extremely slow moving system capable of producing a tornado. let's go back down closer to baltimore where we've been watching this other tornado, potential tornado. this is over the southern city limits, glen burnie. elk ridge you're under the gun for a potential tornado, moving toward the northeast going right
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through the city limit. elk ridge 5:04. catonsville at 5:11. if you have a basement, certainly want to get downstairs, download the app. be prepared to lose power. lightning is a big concern. a slow moving storm will produce massive flash flooding. baltimore under a tornado warning until 5:00. we'll keep the carroll county warning until 35bg -- 5:00. pg county and moving toward the southern city limits. i think that pg county warning
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will be up until 5:00 because these are such slow moving storms. >> there are tornado warnings until 5:00 for baltimore county and carroll county. the most active is the northwest corner of baltimore county. we're interested in hearing from you. we want to see your pictures if you're able to get them safely. >> this is from jennifer in catonsville. you can see the rain coming how the branches have been moving. she got a lot of rain and wind. we got a facebook from monet matthews in jessup. she said there's a lot of clouds in her area. how is this looking? >> they're under that warning. the weather service just put
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together. these warnings are coming fast. jessup is under a tornado warning. get down to the lowest level. the basement if you have it. get to an interior section. let's put a storm tracker moving through. it's elk ridge at 4:55. catonsville, a little after 5:00. we'll be over the southern specs. brooklyn park section of town around 5:14. this is, again, probably the worst case scenario for the evening commute. this will roll over 895, 395. river side, you're going to be impacted by this storm. 195 going right into the city. these are all heavily trafficked
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roadways. this; again, probably the worst case scene yow -- scenario. >> some traffic on twitter. people talking about a tornado warning for anne arundel. has there bee an anne arundel warning issued in addition to baltimore county. is anne arundel county a warning. we'll continue to update you. at this point we are watching an anne arundel county tornado warning. they have been added to the list. it's in effect until 5:00. if you're able to watch abc2, that's fantastic. if you have to go to your basement or starting to los crore power -- lose your power or cable. 46988. that's the number to text wmar
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as we watch active tornado warnings for parts of baltimore county, carroll county and anne arundel county. >> jennifer has been a big fountain of information. you can see where the wind is blowing through the trees. one of the limbs is down. it's been an incredible afternoon. we're hearing from catonsville, carroll county, all over the region. we have reports of possibly tree limbs down in the westminster area earlier this afternoon, around i-70 and frederick was a mess from all the rain and storms. so this has affected our region. storms are popping up over here,
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over here. ering everything is -- everything is moving east. let us know what is going on in your area. >> we're hearing from one of our viewers. before, everybody was talking about i'm in parkville, not seeing anything. i'm in bel air. we heard from devon who said the sky is starting to get dark. one important warning we need to mention. baltimore police on twitter put out a warning that severe weather is moving through our region which we've been telling you b they're telling people to use caution when driving. we showed you flooded roads from the d.c. earlier. heed the warning from the baltimore city police. it will be a problem throughout the area. do not drive through standing water, despite how easy. >> it only takes about 6 inches of water to float a car. it could be, you would never know what hit you or if
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anything, too it puts first responders in a pickle because if a car is stuck, they have to get the people out of the car. so it puts everybody in a piblg. if you see standing water, don't assume that it's barely over the tires because anything can happen. looking at the weather map. just look at those storms, the very strong cells. right there, right downtown baltimore, a splash on our harbor cam because the rain is coming through. lots and lots of really dark ominous clouds. >> i am getting concerned with what the radar is displaying. we were showing you the storms west of baltimore showing classic hook signatures. the latest scan showing another potential hook right on top of jessup. this is moving to the north or
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east. the harbor cam will be an important tool. i want to cope that monitored as we may see some lowering of the sky. we could see clouds rotating. we have a huge foretax on -- vortex on top of us. we could sew some rotation, could sew some rotating wall clouds. the rotation is increasing right now over jessup. i want to do a query. i've been showing you a lot today. this is our radar going into a query mode seeing what the winds are doing alost. we alost -- doing aloft. if this continues, if it strengthens, it will be going over the southern city limits. right now just south of
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baltimore, a warning. better safe than sorry. that's moving into brooklyn park. yes. this looks like this will be heading toward the brooklyn park section at 5:19 and baltimore city limits. i want to get a look at the sky line. we're going to be watching that very, very closely to see if some of the rotating wall clouds could possibly drop down a tornado. this is a thunderstorm that's rotating on our radar system. you see kind of see around the building. a little bit of a lowering in here, so we've got to watch that because if this row tallets and drops from the sky we could have a tornado. themes communities, want to get your safe zone right now.
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>> we were talking about how it's coming across the area. got columbia. if we can get that shot of our traffic cam, you can see u.s. 29 at 32. look at rain. that area, i will just let you know now it is incredibly bad. so now when you add in the rain it's going to be a mess so if you're checking us out on your app, you may want to wait a little bit before you hit the road, a lot of rain, just a big mess. it's only, what, 20 to 5. so that area will pick up and get bad. from here if we can get another traffic cam, you got 29 at maryland, 32. further east it may be clouding up. they may not have the rain yet felt you -- yet.
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if you go back to harbor cam, that's a pretty good distance. in 20 minutes it's going to be in the baltimore city limits. that's the kind of thing you need to be awar of that the storms are moving through our area, moving very fast and bringing a lot of rain with them. >> a lot of people take off early on friday. hopefully they got home at lunchtime. if you're trying to figure out the commute where to go, has tips on what to do. how top handal potential tornado warning. we have you covered. you can track the storm on the web. you can get severe weather alerts and download one of our apps. text it to 46988. you can get everything you need to know. we got you on air, online, as
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the commute approaches. >> we're hearing from our facebook page, we have pictures coming in. this one from davisville looks pretty good. this is a question. does anyone know if maryland has tornado sirens like georgia and texas. i'm not originally from maryland. looking at the radar, i wonder if i should take cover and leave. if your area is in the zone where the storms are coming through, you may want to take cover and find your safe place in your house there. also, if there are tornado sirens a lot depends on the municipality, baltimore city tests their sirens on monday. a lot of the volunteer fire departments have sirens on top of their fire houses.
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they will sound the alarm if there's a funnel cloud. a lot depends on the area whether the sirens are active as well. we're getting good comments from our facebook page. please ask the questions. go to -- and you can post your question or just go to our website and find that out for yourself. >> of course. we want to see your pictures, hear your comments. he is said sitting in jessup all is calm. should i be nervous. as we watch jessup, columbus, arbutus, so as you watch at home and have questions, we're hear top answer them. mike, talk about these areas that appear to be trouble zones
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right now. >> let's talk about that. we'll break the storm into two pieces. the first piece over columbia, this is really where you're going to see the hail corp. and the very heavy rains. it's to the south of that. this, if it holds together will be north of glen burnie. then keep an eye on the folks in dundalk. you're also included in this and in catonsville, you're included in the potential of the storm. tornadic thunderstorm. we're going to be monitoring it. let's pop up some. we'll show you if this holds together. at 5:09, brooklyn park. baltimore city limits. all of the harbor will be included around 5:16.
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again, going right over 195, 394. we're sitting over 95 at the present moment. this storm is moving at a whopping 25 miles an hour. that's flash flooding. we have christian schaffer on the phone. what does it lock like in the area where you are. >> we're in baltimore county. if you're driving north on falls road not quite to the pennsylvania lean past shawan road, past oregon ridge park and on beckley road, you can see the wall of the clouds to my rest. you can see it heading east this way. so as i was driving done the road i pulled off into the
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church parking lot. they're nice enough to have built a shed with an drawning. i kind of ran under that. whatever that is, looking off to the west, it arrived as i pulled into the parking lot. it rained so intensely, not that long, maybe a minute or two minutes, but it was pouring, like income a water fall. as i look off to the east, northeast, you can see what i assume is the back side of that joy gan tick storm that -- gigantic storm. that's one that was producing those tornado warnings in parts of carroll county and northern
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baltimore county. i mean, there was enough rain. plenty of water. people are going to be con tern sender -- concerned about flash flooding. >> driving on those roads, there are the ditches. look like they had been filled with all the water. >> absolutely. you can be on high ground and it's the rain that came down so hard, so quickly, pretty much flooded the parking lot in no time. now the water has to go somewhere. it's heading downhill. people are familiar with how it works. they know it's coming. people trito drive through it. so hopefully we won't see
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anything lick that but something to be concerned b i -- about. i heard you guys talking about more storms coming up from the south. now you've did the more stuff coming so busy day. >> all right. christian schaffer live on the phone in beckleysville. we're hearing reports of damage, downed trees in ham sted, hearing on facebook potential damage with tree limbs down in finksburg and westminster. according to twitter, howard county has activated their eoc. their office of emergency management is operating. looking at the second one. it has been significant. we are going to go for a quick break and we will be back with the latest information right
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we have had a busy, busy afternoon. rain, hail, thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings moving threw our area. you're looking at maryland's most powerful radar. you can see the big red cells. wootd lawn, randallstown, columbia, all heading east into the baltimore city area. we've got storms a lot of stuff moving through. sends us your photos on afternoon. tweet us what's going on in your area. let us a know how it's affecting you and may affect your drive home. let's take a look at harbor cam where we can get a look at how
4:52 pm
things are moving through our area. rain is coming through. don't let the clouds fool you. we have a lot of stuff moving through. those clouds are moving throughout the area. they're bringing heavy rain, hail. so a lot of things coming up. let us know what's going on in your area. go to our facebook page at post those things. let us know what is going on. this is the front yard. this is what's going on in carroll county. this is kelly. she says she has a small river running through your yard. earlier christian schaffer was around -- he was up in northern parts have you baltimore county. he saw rain that came through in five minutes and flooded out a
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church parking lot. that's how severe and quickly the rain is coming through. we had pictures from gom doll gom where they had severe flash flooding. it covered the roads, had overrun little bridges, going over small creeks. those five sweeps from maryland's most powerful radar are giving us an idea. those storms are moving through. we have some tornado watches as well. trees damaged where trees are coming done, big limbs have fallen. we'll have cruise going up -- crews going up. we will send them around so they can get an idea of where the damage s we're going it take a live picture. this is one of the things you don't need. this is a truck fire. this is right around mountain
4:54 pm
road at maryland 152 on i-95 in harford county. with the rain it's going to be moving east. it's still coming across the area. that will make the commute really, really bad. if you have loved ones heading up on 95, you may want to give them a call or download our app. if you look at this rote now, once the rain starts with this you have the truck fire. you have parts of 95 blocked off. the commute will be incredible if you're trying to get to bel air. so it's going to be a busy, busy afternoon. that's why you need to stay with us so we can get an idea of what's going on. i think this is the nub lanes. northbound lanes are blocked by the truck fire. we're talking about something that would take a long time to clean up. they're also doing to have to tow the truck. that's going to cause a lot of problems. then you have the rubber necker
4:55 pm
delays. we're going to sea scenes, maybe not with the truck fire, but the rain coming down. you'll see a lot of issues with traffic. it's friday. some folks may have wanted to take off. it will be a mess on certain parts of the road. so keep abreast on what's going on as far as the rain, fast moving storms. mike is ready to give us an idea of what's coming through. >> they're not moving fast. we have to divide the city up from towson on south, prune broon through elk ridge. this is the threat of a tornado, a tornado warning will stay in effect and a newly issued severe
4:56 pm
tornado warning, york road toward i-70 and where i-70 meets 695. this is where we're seeing a tremendous amount of rain. we've been picking up on the hail. want top switch over to -- to switch over to maryland, a funky view. we've been picking up close to golf ball sized hail with the cell. the big problem, the huge problem is that it's moving slowly to the northeast at 25 miles an hour. let's put a storm track on this. the most severe part of the storm that we do expect to pass just south of baltimore city limits over brooklyn park toward dundalk and rosedale between 5:18 and 6:00. so this is a slow moving storm moving toward the northeast. this is the area that we feel has the best potential of seeing a tornado. to the north around woodlawn,
4:57 pm
towson, midtown and hampton. route 1 right up to 542. that's where we feel the greatest threat for flooding will occur. i'm waiting for a few flash flood warning from brooklyn park toward the north and to the south toward dundalk, you're under a tornado warning because of the storm. we've been watching the wind. when we seat winds mixing together, that's when we're talking about the potential of rotation and a tornado development. you can see where it's getting geek from woodlawn to elk ridge. we have the rain right on top of
4:58 pm
70 and 695. it's from towson on south and east. we'll cope an eye on the radar, guys, back to you what we're going to do is take a break, reset. we'll get more information for you and put it on the air. we'll probably get facebook photos. you guys are sending things out what's going on in the area. >> we just saw an amazing picture out of elk reg from one of -- elk ridge from one of our facebook fans. it looks very disturbing at elk ridge. that was at 4:47. i stepped out a moment ago and we were seeing pretty significant rain coming down here. this is the crash that's happening on 95. we'll leave you with this right now, send you to break and we'll be back in just a moment.
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